The Textile and Art programme aims to provide all students with an opportunity to express and develop their personal skills through a variety of media.  It is designed to introduce students to a variety of artworks by Māori, Pakeha, Pacific Island and international artists with both traditional and comtemporary outlooks.

Inspired by the ideas of established artists and ‘how they do it’, students will learn to use a range of equipment, materials, media, compositional devices and techniques to express and communicate their own ideas two dimensionally and three dimensionally.

It is not just the content that is important, students must be able to manage their learning, be critical thinkers and be open to learning.  As Kent Sidel said, “Art helps students develop key ‘habits in mind’ that include: higher order thinking, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to pose and solve problems, self-discipline and self-confidence.  These skills are necessary for success in art and once learnt can translate to success in areas of school and life.”

The aim of the programme is to provide an enriched environment where students can explore, create and succeed.