Communication / Newsletters

We endeavor to have worthwhile communication with students, parents and caregivers.  Fortnightly newsletters are distributed, usually on Thursday, to each pupil for them to take home.  They are also e-mailed to parents/caregivers.  Through thesenewsletters, we hope to keep parents informed of vital information, current events at school and future happenings. In 2018, our newsletter will be easily accessed online through our website.  We also have a Facebook page which is regularly updated.  In 2016 our School App was launched as another great way for our parents and caregivers to stay in touch.

Skool Loop App

Download the app to keep updated with school news, dates and events. Once you have downloaded the app just select Kaitao Intermediate from the list of schools are you are good to go. 

You can download from Google Play Store for Android, or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Activity Charges / Zero Donations

Our school will no longer be requesting a donation.  All other activity charges must be paid.

Separate charges for camps, outdoor activities, shows and some activities are charged throughout the year.  There will be a termly activity charge of $35.00 for technology and arts subjects (total $140). This activity charge may be paid each term or in a lump sum.  Or set up an AP today to cover all costs for 2018

Student Led Conferences

In terms one, two and three, students invite their family to school to share their learning journeys.  

All teachers are available during these appointment times to talk to parents about their child’s learning.


Written reports outlining progress around National Standards are issued twice a year, in July and December.


Stationery packs will be available to purchase in the last two weeks of the school holidays at the school office.  Other stationery items will also be available to purchase. Click here for the 2018 Stationery List


Our school uniform is changing in 2018.  All new year 7 students from 2018 will wear our new uniform, 2018 year 8 students will continue to use the old uniforms if they choose.

We are expecting to have a one year transition, so by 2019 all students will be in the new uniform.

You can purchase the school uniform from our school office.  It is not available elsewhere.

Click here for the Uniform Price List.

2018 School Holiday Uniform Shop Hours: The office will be open from 15th January 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Wednesday 17th and 24th open 10.00am to 6.00pm. Normal office hours will resume from January 30th.

Payment options include: Major Credit Cards, Cash, WINZ Quotes, Auto Payment, Layby

Uniforms items must be paid for before you can take them away.

Lay-by facilities available to ease the cost of purchasing uniforms.  You can start making payments now and pick up uniform in January 2018

Further information will be available when your child attends our school Orientation Day.

School Hours

Students are allowed inside the school gates at 8.30am.  School begins at 9.00am and  finishes at 3.00pm

For a successful life, being at school everyday, on time, with a willingness to take on learning, is a great place to start.

Term Dates for 2018

Term 1: (Yr. 7)   Tuesday, January 30th to  Friday, April 13th (102 half days)

Term 1: (Yr. 8)   Wednesday, January 31st to  Friday, April 13th (100 half days)

Term 2: Monday, April 30th to  Friday, July 6th (98 half days)

Term 3: Monday, July 23rd to  Friday, September 28th (100 half days)

Term 4: Monday, October 15th to Thursday, December 13th (86 half days) TBC

Please Note: 

All year 7 & new year 8 students start on January 30th

All returning year 8 students start on January 31st

The School Documents and Procedures can be found here by clicking on the link below. Please contact the school office if you require a login.

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