Kaitao Intermediate School welcomes all International Students to our School

We embrace the responsibility and the challenge of providing the best educational opportunities for your child while enrolled at our school.  

We accept that meaningful engagement with your child means we must positively engage with you as family, to ensure we all support shared goals, challenges and successes with and for your child.  The ‘triangle’ of school, family and children relies on the strength, resilience and high levels of support of those within it.  Mā  te whanau tātou e puāwai, achieving success together!

We place a very strong emphasis on students making significant gains in mathematics, reading, and writing while here at Kaitao Intermediate. To ensure this, teachers are provided with high quality professional development to support student learning in these key areas with a focus on students’ writing. 

Within our Tech Arts programme, students participate in ExoTech, Food Tech and Music in an effort to broaden students’ interests and practical abilities, and their ability to meet the Key Competencies.

“Key Competencies are the capabilities people have, and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.” (NZ Curriculum). These include skills of; thinking, relating to others, numeracy, self-management, communication and cooperation. We are increasingly focusing on students’ developing competency in problem solving using digital technology to support them.

We strongly believe that the importance we place on our values of respect, resilience, excellence and responsibility will support attitudinal changes within the hearts and minds of our students. These changes show children how they can achieve their life goals and choose which paths they wish to take in life.

Our prospectus gives you a clear insight into what Kaitao Intermediate School offers your child. If you require any additional information please call our Director of International Students.


Nga mihi nui


Phil Palfrey, QSM